Struggling with pack lunch and dinner ideas for my 6 year old

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She started to not eat sandwiches anymore.. Lunchables I tried in hope but will only eat the cheeses from that, wrap she now says she hates, wouldn’t eat pasta cold etc.

She comes back will nearly a full lunch over this past month, she been having basically the same lunch for last few months few little changes now and then cause it’s what she will eat apart from this past month she’s now wouldnt. She’s barely eating much, she’s naturally skinny and worried about her losing weight.

At home she’s barely will eat different foods anymore only wants pasta and cheese most days.

Been trying my hardest to get her to eat different things.

She now even hates chips, potatoes any kind, veg she wouldn’t touch, hates meat apart from the odd chicken nugget depending on what make.

It’s starting to get me really worried, am scared she’s not getting the nutrients she needs.

She’s never been this picky before, always been picky but not to this extent.

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If you get the snack thermos.

Pour boiling water in it and set it like that while you prepare the pasta.

Then pour out the water(that’s now made the container very hot) and insert the pasta.

Depending on how far her lunch is it should be warm still.

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I would ask her, what would you like for your lunch tomorrow and let her help pack it with you. Sometimes when they feel included in the choices, they tend to eat it better.
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