How I can make crunchy pizza please?

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Hi beautiful mums! My picky eater told me: ”I want crunchy pizza“ she never had pizza and never tried it but she asked for the crunchy one, any one knows where I can buy or how I can make crunchy pizza please?

Thank you

I’m from Australia

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Thin crust pizza might do it. Here in USA we usually get from domino’s its good.

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Not related to crunchy pizza, but I was googling a few weeks ago and found an article where picky eaters fall into categories and one was crunchy eaters. Which resonated with me because my son loves snacks. So I tried buying him healthy crunchier snacks like veggie puffs and cheddar cauliflower snacks and he eats them! So maybe your daughter is also a fan of crunchy things. You could make a regular pizza but when you eat it say an exaggerated “crunch!” She might think it’s funny and crunchy the way it is and try it.

Good luck!

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Do you think she just means that she wants the crust to be a bit crunchy as opposed to soft? If so just bake it for an extra few minutes but keep an eye on it so it doesn’t burn.

My picky eater will not eat soft pizza either
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