Does anyone's kid get to the point where they are so hungry they are nauseous but they refuse to eat?

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This has basically been my son's life recently and I don't know what to do. I've tried letting him pick something to eat, he barely touches it, if he touches it at all. I've tried just making him something and giving it to him, same thing. I've tried doing a plate of different things, again I'm lucky if he touches it. He's only gained about 5lbs in the last 2 years total.

We've tried feeding therapy, all it did was get him to eat a couple bites while he was with them. It didn't help at home at all. His pediatrician prescribed Pediasure and I can barely get him to drink them. He doesn't like smoothies (I'm guessing because they are thick and sometimes chunky).

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YOU definitely look into a feeding therapist who can do an evaluation and offer a different approach to what you were doing before. I believe there are different strategies, so don't give up on feeding therapy.

It also can take a lot of time.

I found this book helpful:
  • Stories of Extreme Picky Eating
  • Author gives case studies and what she did to help those clients. It's short and has lots of ideas.
My child doesn't have ARFID, but she is very picky with a short list of safe foods. Good luck.
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