My husband drives me absolutely crazy when it comes to our son eating

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Just want to vent for a second... My husband drives me absolutely crazy when it comes to our son eating... Like today my son wanted a box of Unicorn Mac n Chz, so I said yes... Now we are home, husband is cooking dinner, son wants Dada to make the unicornmac for him.... Husband says "No, I'm not making that because you're not gonna eat a whole box of Mac n chz".

Our son just started liking Mac n chz and actually eating it, and now Dada is saying No....I do not understand what he doesn't get about this! And it's not just Mac n chz, Dada does this EVERY SINGLE TIME son asks for Dada to make him something out of the norm.... DUDE, you are hindering this already difficult journey! Like just make the Mac n chz, he doesn't have to eat the whole thing!


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Take a day off and let him handle it ..
The only way to stop the none sense behavior is to understand it. He can't understand what you go thru is because he is absolutely NOT involved in the situation you live day after day with your son
And that is absolutely unfair and selfish from him
Lwt him feel the weight girl ...

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Leftovers is still a thing. Put the rest in fridge and he can eat it at another time.

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Girl, you make that Mac n cheese for your child.

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Omg don’t get me started on husband’s nonsense…I honestly laugh it out to not cry! My daughter is having nice healthy food, slowly taking bites and he goes get himself chocolate in front of her?! Guess what, she pushes her plate away and want chocolate! How on Eart he did not think that would happen!

Or what about the voluntarely offering sweets and making a big deal out if it giving it an appeal that it should not have? Honestly I give up…

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My husband does this too. Like where after days of work on my end he’ll make some kind of proclamation about how we are going to make him eat his dinner. It kills me because it’s not like he’s the one that has done the research and talked to other moms and tried different techniques.

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My kiddo also just started eating shape only boxed mac n cheese. If she asks, I make it. Its worth the opportunity to encourage some confidence in food choices. I would try discussing the importance of safe foods and hopefully he becomes more open minded about some minor accommodations.
LC ~

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You have Nooooo idea (or maybe you do) of how much food i waste in hopes of getting her to eat protein, veggies etc.... so.. at the end of the day all it matters is that they eat........ so, make the mac n cheese

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Me and my husband do everything differently and If I were to die, I would die worried about my kids.

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It was really hard for me to accept my daughters picky eating due to the way I was raised. A lot of men aren’t taught to be open and accepting of things, I would suggest sitting and having a talk with him about how he might be making your child feel and as a parent he shouldn’t want to make his child feel any type of sadness especially over a $2 box of Mac and cheese.
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