I don't know but maybe someone hasn't tried this yet..

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  • My toddler is eating carrots and celery in really thin sticks. We call them "sticks".
  • He has tried and liked a couple of new foods and beverages when I serve a portion to myself and "cheer" with him so we eat at the same time. We've been "cheering" even with bread. He's 2 and understands the concept of cheering.
  • We've played while eating taking turns between  feeding him, myself and his favorite toys. He's had a couple of bites of new food like that too.
I hope that helps. Parenting requires a lot of imagination

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This is us! We do the cheering all the time! and also the “can mummy have one? can daddy have one?” and she feeds us first and then takes a bite!

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lol yup. We make apple slices and called it 'apple fries'
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