Any ideas on how to get my daughter to eat oatmeal?

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I’ve tried to cook it with water, with milk, mixed in juice… but still not a win.

If you have a different approach or a recipe, please share.


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My 2yo only eats the instant oatmeal, cooked with water, and it has can’t be too dry so I mix in extra water at the end. He likes a scrambled egg in it that is seasoned with garlic and Italian seasoning, and then I mix in a little salted butter. If we don’t have eggs or just to switch it up I put a little butter and brown sugar in it. Sometimes, to that, I add chopped strawberries or bananas. Sometimes he’ll eat the fruit and sometimes he’ll pick around it.

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How much time do you have…

Here is how my kid eats his: Cooked with water and a pinch of salt. Melt butter in. Mix in Date butter & mashed banana. Crumbled digestive biscuit (the dark choc one) finally a light sprinkle of multi coloured sprinkles. 🤪 It's a lot but he eats a good bowl of it. Every morning. I'll take it.

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Baked in to "cookies" with peanut butter, banana, honey, and flax seed. I blend mine into a flour because my son doesn't like the texture of it.

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My kiddo only eats oatmeal when there’s topping that he likes: grapes and cereal. And he doesn't like mushy overnight oats, he prefers instant or rolled oatmeal that was poured with water or soymilk seconds before I served it. He hates the texture when the oatmeal becomes goey 🤣. Maybe can try this texture to your kid.

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Maybe make oatcakes? Look up scottish oatcake recipe, you can adapt the ingredients. I love them, love the taste of oats but the texture of oatmeal isn't my favourite.
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