I was wondering if anyone has had a dog that gets sick then has just brown liquid stool?

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I plan on taking him to the vet if it persist but about a year ago the same issue occurred but there was blood in the stool and the vet said it possibly was a blockage and it cost me around 2000$ for the x rays and it wasn’t he just got sick.

Like I said I’m going to take him to the vet if the issue persist I’m in college and coming up with the money is difficult.

He is having brown liquid stool that smells horrible.

Any advice to give him relief or if anyone has had a similar case?

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I will be honest a blockage isn't something to mess with. I have a pomsky I rescued and had to do surgery on witch was way over 2k because his blockage was so bad his Bowles almost exploited and she was soo ill and sick. Didn't even have her 2 hours b4 rushing her to er. I'm not trying to scare you I would ask them about a laxitive because dogs can take fiber and laxative mine is on both daily and also on a gi med to help prevent blockage after surgey. I would ask your vet if u could try that first and see if it will work. If block u will get brown liquid come out over the blockage..

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Withhold food for 12 hours, then switch to bland diet (rice w/ boiled hamburger or chicken with fat skimmed off). You can ask to pick up Proviable Forte or Diagel from your vet. If not improving in 2 days take to vet.

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When my dog was like this it was anal glands and infection he was on antibiotics and probiotic, I still give all my dogs a probiotic treat every day no more problems.
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