should I give my young female cat "Benadryl" to calm her?

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I have a young female cat, she's about a year and a half, and she's unfixed. She's actually scheduled for a spay next week.

She's showing signs of heat today, but just now I petted her and her hair is falling out in clumps, like...

From the root?! It's winter here, and she's short haired and has never been a shedder, I'm genuinely concerned.

I'll take her to a vet ASAP, but should I give her Benadryl to calm her?

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Is she ever outdoors? If I'm not mistaken, cats are basically perpetually in heat and can get pregnant anytime. If she was outside at all, she could have had a litter without you even knowing and then her hormones could be all jacked up causing hairloss.

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Do not give a cat Benadryl you can buy calming treats for cats do not give her Benadryl

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Can you share a photo? My friend’s cat shed so much fur, it was all over the floor when you walked. She was a short hair. Are you seeing bald spots?

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Benadryl doesn't really work as well for cats. If you're concerned about anxiety, your vet can give you something for her visit.
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