I have a 13 year old Shepard mix who's arthritis is making it really hard for him to get up

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He's on injections, gabapentin and rimadyl, I know he's older but he still eats and drinks like usual on his good days he gallops around the yard.

Is there anything else I can do to make him more comfortable?

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Do you have anywhere around you that does therapeutic ultrasound. It'd done wonders for a few of my shepherd clients.

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Yes, can add Dasuquin Advanced daily. Also consider regular laser therapy treatments. Hills J/D can also help.

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I’ve seen cbd do wonders with joint issues on dogs. Also, idk if it would be hard to find, but an animal chiropractor can potentially help as well.

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Also consider getting a helpemup harness to help him get up.

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Yes!!! CBD is fantastic. I’m getting ready to start my 3 kitties and 4-year-old chi on it just for prevention!
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