Looking for home remedies for a dog with fleas

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Hey guys, looking for suggestions.. My dog carly is 13 years old, she’s had a plethora of health issues within the last year or so, but recently had a small (very bad) run in with fleas.

We successfully got rid of those, but she now seems to have what i could only describe as mange.

she smells horrible, her skin is flaking off, she’s got bald spots (from itching?) and it’s all around just bad.

We don't have the money to bring her back to the vet, any suggestions for home remedies?

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If unable to take to vet would recommend continuing flea prevention and bathe with an antifungal shampoo.

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This seems like it could be a variety of things a skin issue or allergy flea dermatitis dry skin mites u name it best schedule a vet appointment and have them get a sample and a visual exam to get this fully under control.

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Sounds like scabies!! Easy to treat with subcu Ivermectin once a week x 6 weeks. Skin scrapings may be a false negative so treat anyway.
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