Looking for some ideas for arthritis

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Hello friends, looking for some ideas for arthritis. We have a 10 year old border collie who recently started limping and biting her hind leg.

Vet ran over 50 test via blood work and stool and has given the diagnosis of arthritis along with a 30 day RX so far that’s helping but vet said the medication can’t be used permanently just when she gets really bad to relieve that discomfort.

Obviously this isn’t a great solution as she is very active has anyone found anything that has helped your fur babe with their arthritis?

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Consider Dasuquin Advanced daily and Hills J/D diet. Talk to your vet about daily products such as Rimadyl, Metacam or Deramaxx. Regular laser therapy treatments can help as well.

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Fresh celery daily, celery helps break down lactic acid which causes arthritis.

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Mine just started. What I do is give Gabapentin whenever I see she’s uncomfortable and 2 times a day. I use 50 Mg for a 20 Lb dog and it’s really helping. Then after a few days I stop as her shaky legs and low appetite return.
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