Is this something worth bringing up at his next vet appointment?

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I have a 4y/o neutered male cat. He drinks a ton of water, which at first I thought was really good because I hear all the time about how make cats don’t drink enough water. But it’s starting to seem excessive. If he’s not sleeping, he’s over at the water bowl drinking every 10-15 minutes.

He sits there for several minutes at a time. Could this be a sign of anything bad? Or just I just be thankful that he drinks so much water?

He’s never peed outside his litter box, and he’s only pooped outside of it once because we accidentally shut him off from it. Is this something worth bringing up at his next vet appointment?

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Might need to be checked for diabetes? Maybe thyroid problems..

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Please check for diabetes, as well as kidney function.. 2 main reasons for excessive thirst/urination.

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This happened to my cat recently and he was diagnosed with diabetes. He was drinking a ton of water, urinating very frequently and was very hungry but losing weight. I would call the vet Asap.

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It can't do any harm to get a check up at the vets. I have 2 kittens a year old who both drink alot. They are the sons of my girl kitty and she and her sister don't drink that much. All have been vet checked and in perfect health so I think it can go on a cat by cat basis.

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My cat did this for months and past vets just shrugged but then new vet said early kidney disease 😐. Rough start but she’s stable now at 16.

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Possible diabetes. I would definitely mention it to the vet.
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