What advice could you give to someone writing fantasy?

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OK, tell me if you can; What advice could you give to someone writing fantasy?

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— Have hand written pages set aside with character name, description and item inventory. Also a map helps.

— You’ll need a very good imagination, and be good at world building. Nothing worse than the author mixing up their own rules.

— Write the ending of the book first then the middle then the start model your chapters the same way this will give the appearance of Dynamics and will help you do foreshadowing.

— Let your imagination run wild and then edit, edit, edit, to make it make sense.

— Realistic characters can carry an unrealistic setting. If your characters make sense within the world you’ve created, then the world itself will make more sense as a result. Focus on characterization — let the world inform who your characters are, and let your characters’ experiences inform their perspectives on the world around them. By doing so, your characters become a grounding detail that readers can use to better connect to the setting and story.

— Make sure your characters are relatable and well-rooted in your world, and they’ll serve as an effective anchor point that you can build your story around.

— Just write. Tell your story, and don't worry if it's not perfect. It never will be on the first pass. Just get it out, then fix any problems it might have later.

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