My poor guy here hurt his back paw

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I noticed a few weeks ago but then it seemed like it got better. about 3 days ago I noticed him limping again and tried to look. its very swollen and oozing around the nail.

I quit letting him go out for now and have been using warm water to clean it.

I cant really afford the cet right now as work has been slow.

I really need some advice ..

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Unfortunately, nail bed infections need aggressive antibiotic therapy. He will need a vet visit.

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Like any wound, it needs ointment. If it looks really infected antibiotics may be needed too. You need to start with really cleaning and dressing the wound. Might take an extra human or 2 to get it done.

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Check if your vet will allow you to have an antibiotic ointment and antibiotics without a visit. He may only allow the ointment without an exam but wouldn’t wait.
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