My dog ate 40-50g roughly of advent calander chocolate today

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He's a pug x chiuhah weights roughly 5kg.

I'm not sure what time he ate it but we came back with it shredded up he's been sick a few times drinking alot of water I rang vets who said keep an eye on him but is there anything else I should do?

I read a few other posts on here but there fairly old posts.

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Activated charcoal.

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My vet had me feed hydrogen peroxide to my large dog, to cause him to vomit. It worked immediately, and my dog was fine afterwards. Check with your vet BEFORE you try something like this. It worked for me, but my vet is fully aware of my dog's history. Also, it was done immediately so that the ingested chocolate was purged right away.

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My dog ate a pan of brownies when she was a puppy and they had us checking her heart rate and gave us a number that if it got over that number to bring her in. I don’t remember the number but maybe you could google it.

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I know you call the vet but there is a poison control number for pets look it up.

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You need to find out what kind of chocolate it was. Dark chocolate is toxic and would require a vet asap. Milk chocolate isn’t as toxic but for his size you may still want to see a vet if he continues to be sick.
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