Any tips/tricks on getting newborn puppies to drink formula?

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Hello all.. I had to rush my chihuahua female into the vet today. She is 5 days post-partum. She was shaking uncontrollably. Turns out she was hypocalcemic. She got a dose of calcium and recovered within 10-15 mins and is doing fine now.

However, Vet suggested that puppies be bottlefed going forward. I have 6 puppies to bottle feed and only two will take their formula. It’s been about 5 hours since they last fed off mom. I can only get two of the puppies to take the formula, the other 4 will push it (bottle and syringe) out of their mouths.

The formula is warm and it drips out nice and slowly from the bottle so I’m not sure why the other 4 won’t take it. Any tips/tricks on getting newborn puppies to drink formula? Please help. Thank you.

(This is her first and last litter, I don’t need “please fix her” comments).

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The trick is to syringe feed the puppies. Carefully so they don’t gag. Take your time. The ones who accept the bottle continue as is. Keep trying to reintroduce the bottle to the others and the syringe. Measure it out and keep track to ensure how much each one is drinking. Keep colour collars so it’s easier to track intake.

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What kind of nipple are you using on the bottle? They are not all created equally. Maybe try some different brands/styles.

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Five hours fro a chi pup is a long time without food. Mom should be ok to feed once recovered.

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I fed pups with small shringe over the years but she should be ok to feed after treatment settles down.
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