My 3year old girl has been so itchy the last week

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She's on tick & flea prevention and my friend & I have checked her numerous times & haven't seen anything.

She does have dry skin however, assuming from the cold weather coming. (We are located in East Coast Canada).

What would you recommend for my girls itchy skin?

I'll be making her a vet appointment in the new year...

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Burt’s Bees puts out soothing shampoo for dogs and make sure you are using clothes detergent with no perfume if he sleeps with you.

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Probably environmental allergies. A lot of dogs, including mine get itchy at this time of year.

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Assuming the itchy skin is caused by dry skin, try adding a humidifier to areas where your dog likes to hang out, see if the skin and itchiness improves.

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Groomer here: Good food (some brands have formulas for skin and coat), fish oil, good moisturising shampoo (not oatmeal as it actually dries out the skin more) but also keep in mind not too bathe her too often. No more than every two weeks unless the vet tells you otherwise. it is def the time of year for dry skin.

I hope you can find some relief for her 🐾🖤

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After bathing I use a little olive oil in a small half cup of water and mix and rub in all over avoiding eye area & blow dry.. It definitely stopped the dry skin & itching.

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Possibly adding a humidifier and fish oil supplement like Welactin or Nordic Naturals would be good for dry skin. Especially if you live somewhere cold, have dry heat, etc.
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