Besides making them comfortable, safe and secure, what can be done for dogs post seizure during the Postictal Phase?

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Is there anything that is helpful?

I haven’t been able to find much information but did find one recommendation of giving them a little all-natural vanilla ice cream, honey, or natural maple syrup to help to raise their sugar levels followed with some protein to help stabilize those sugar levels.

This may be more geared toward epilepsy, which my pup, Oliver, has not been diagnosed with. But could it hurt?

He just had a very mild seizure, his first in many months and I’m curious if there are any foods or remedies that may be recommended to help get him get through this part and feel better, sooner.

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My friends pooch has those she gives him honey n vanilla ice cream.

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As an epileptic I know with myself quietness and gentle touching talking can be very distracting can never make out what is being said so it's stressful just quietness and feel of someone there caring. Always extremely tired after. Yes I understand some people may say this is an animal but believe for all sufferer's of seizures gentle acknowledgement of someone there is the best. Take care little one.

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Years ago one of our old gals developed seizures in her later years. She always recovered from them pretty quickly, but I'd always read about giving ice cream or kayo syrup to help them to recover. I do believe it makes sense to have something like that on hand, just in case.

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I don’t recommend giving them anything for a while after as they may not be able to swallow appropriately. If he has been on meds I would contact your vet about checking levels if needed and adjusting if he continues to have them.

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Ensure you’re closeby. Let your pup know he’s okay and loved.
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