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I’m thinking of signing up for spot insurance, but I’m not sure. how does it work at the vet’s office. Do you just tell them you have insurance or will you get a card? Does it make a big difference if your pet has an emergency or gets diagnosed with an illness?

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Whatever you do, don’t tell the vet you have insurance. I felt they padded the bill, but that could just be my experience. I just asked for a receipt and I submitted it online. I had pet’s best. It was fine, but I cancelled because I have 2 dogs, it was getting very expensive and they weren’t reimbursing for some of my visits. I plan to try another company. Best of luck.

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My sweet boy passed a year ago.

He had lypgpma out of nowhere. He randomly ran around aggressively itching then ran then irxh . He ran around the room begging for help I couldn't sleep

Took to vet got full tests x rays blood skin test . Nothing.

Another vet same thing.

Nothing . And all it was was him hiding and itching. Hiding is a huge serious sign of pain.

2 months later he threw up twice in a week took to my vet got a anti nausea ahot and rappodly got worse after that even tho he was acting fine. (Shot wouldn't suddenly give him lymphoma)

Was in hospital until it closed st night for 3 days and his kidney values kept getting worse but ko idea the issue. Took him to a 24 7 hospital hospital and he was there 5 days .

I kept running out of money. I had 9k in my savings. I don't work ans have no family to help me.

He got worse eaxh day and I rapidly was getting to 0 dollars. It was thousands each day because we kept needing more and more for him.

I called my insurance. My insurance wirh him was unlimited money for his coverage and I'd get 80% back.

I explained I needed them to reimburse me faster because I was aboit to hit 0 amd they won't help him if I can't pay the bill by the time they ask.

They said they'd approve it faster instead of the typical wait a week

Because of that he got to stay 4 extra days .

Because of this I spent 16k$ in like 3.5 monrja

Money I didn't have. Money I was able to pay back because I kept getting 80% back each time.

It gave him more time.

It's absolutely freaking worth it.

It's always saved my cats lives and always given them the best care possible.

He didn't make it but wirj the help of insurance he had a chance...

My insurance is prudent pet. They cover dental.

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Pet insurance does not work like human insurance. You still have to pay for treatment, the company then reimburses you. Your vet can/will provide them with any documentation but it's on you to submit the claims.
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