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My dog has an aggressive cutaneous and subcutaneous cancer (hemangiosarcoma). We know his time is limited but are hoping to support his body and not the cancer cells as much as possible the rest of his life.

What is a good food or diet to feed that doesn’t promote cancer?

Foods high in carbs, starches/sugar help feed the cancer cells and inflammation so I’m looking to make a switch possibly.

He is currently on PPP Sensitive Systems but the carb make up is about 35% which is a little high for my liking.

Any low carb kibbles? Not really interested in raw but maybe just cooking a meat and giving fruits and vegetables?

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PLEASE go to a vet nuteitoonist about this not random people online with no medical training. This is a life altering /saving question you are asking that only a VET nutritionists/oncologist should be asked.

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My dog has many tumours. They aren’t cancer at the moment but she is almost 13. I have switched to a human grade cooked diet and fresh blueberries for snack, raw carrots and hard boiled eggs. Her tumours have shrunk.

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Your vet could refer you for a nutritionist consult, many of them are online or phone consults. There are some very low carb prescription diets available as well. Canned food also tends to have less carbohydrates so I've had some owners that switch to a canned diet.

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I know this isn't food related... but there is a natural product called Yunnan Baiyao that you can order online... it helps prevent bleeds (hemangio are very vascular tumors prone tp rupturing and causing internal bleeding). Our doctors use it in hemangio cases.
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