Has anyone tried using honey for cough in older dogs?

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Hello, pet owners! I have an older dog who has been experiencing a persistent cough. I've read that honey might be a natural remedy for soothing coughs in dogs. Before I try it, I'd love to hear from others who have experience with this. Has anyone tried giving honey to their older dog to help with a cough? If so, how did you administer it, and did you notice any improvements? Are there any specific types of honey that are better, or any precautions to consider? Any insights or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Very effective! It's what our vet had us use for kennel cough.

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Have you seen a vet to find the cause of the cough?

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Vet tech here..
Probably not. You need to figure out the cause of the cough. Older dogs tend to develop heart issue which coughing is a symptom of. Your best bet is to talk to your vet and have them examine the dog.

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I’m not sure if this will be any help, but I just got over the flu that lead to a terrible cough! Honey as you probably know, did me a solid! It worked better than cough drops, etc… in past research that I’ve done for friends, I’ve read that dogs can have small quantities of honey, and if it helped me, something twice the size of a dog, I can’t imagine it wouldn’t a dog! I’ve heard it has helped! I’m no expert, just relaying experiences! I hope your baby feels better!
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