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Does anyone have an Emma mattress? Thoughts on it if you do? The reviews look good. Not 100% sold on a “mattress in a box” my old brain is saying “go to a shop!”.


Post by Emily »

i got an Emma the diamond hybrid but it needed a topper because it was way too hard. It didn’t have the luxury feel to it but with a topper it’s better.

Post by Deanne »

We’ve had our Emma mattress for 12 months and we love it, find it comfortable.

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We now have Koala on every bed, including the camper trailer and lake house! Absolutely love them. Dog also loves that koala teddies keep appearing for him to play with. He knows to expect it now when a box arrives! I bought my first one 5 years ago and it’s still exactly like day 1, and I’m not a small-framed person!

Post by Debra »

Heard they start off great, but within 12 months not so good, slide off the edge, and if your a heavy weight forget it.

I decided on traditional as the y are still quite expensive, wait for Boxing Day sales, similar to Black Friday, most will offer 40% discount.

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I’ve got a sleeping duck. Was super skeptical (hubby wanted it), and it came in this relatively small box (long rectangular box, maybe 40-50cm by the mattress width). Really tightly wrapped and rolled. Best mattress I’ve ever slept on! Shocked me, but it has been great so far.

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I bought the Koala mattress 7 years ago and wouldn’t swap it for any other. It’s fantastic. Huge warranty on it as well.

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