What are your favourite luxury home fragrances, diffusers and candles to keep your home smelling amazing all year round?

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I use Glasshouse mainly, but interested in other options.

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Glasshouse - night before Christmas dancing sugar plums 👌I received the glasshouse advent calendar as gift - fab

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Try sassy wix and wax… they are lasting fragrances and quite beautiful!

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Myer brand of diffusers - I think called true home or my home can’t remember. Also Ecoya.

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Urban alchemy is a Melbourne based small business. He hand pours is own candles and makes his own waxes. I am super allergic to almost every other candle (cheap or expensive) but these are the bomb. Origins is absolutely amazing. Smells like a florist shop.

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I will definitely NOT be placing burning candles around my home after witnessing how fast a friends curtains caught fire from the slight breeze of someone walking past…..! It was a terrifying experience and I will never take that risk…..! THINK CAREFULLY…..! A diffuser is probably the safest…

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Raggedy Bits Candle Co. Their Hand Poured Soy Candles come in many delicious smelling scents at a very reasonable price & also available in Melts & Reed Diffusers. You’re also supporting a small business located at North Richmond NSW. My favourites are Sticky Date Pudding, Pumpkin Pecan Pie, Christmas Pudding, Caramel Fudge, Coconut & Lime, French Pear, Watermelon etc. Pick up & postage is also available.

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Most on this page will turn their nose up 😊. But the Kmart diffusers are amazing and I have used them all glass house myrtle and moss ecoya …. And the list goes on do yourself a favour try the Kmart…

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Have bought many brands over the past twenty yrs and nothing let's out a beautiful scent(constantly) then this candle from Kmart.Glass house/ecoya have been a constant let down.

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Just bought some cheap smelly sticks from Woollies at half price for $7. My teenagers noticed them (very fussy) and love the smell. No need to pay high $

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