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My husband is adamant that he wants one of those glass splash backs. I would have preferred white subway tiles.

We have chosen shaker doors, stone benchtop, all pretty classic so I’m worried the splash back will look too modern.

Does anyone have this combo? Or have splash back pros and cons?

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I personally don't like glass splashbacks. That look is quite common in a lot of houses, in saying that I'm sure it's easy to clean. I think the right tiles or stone splashback lifts a kitchen to another level. Just my opinion

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I think coloured glass splashbacks are well and truly dated.

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We had glass in our other home and we loved it . We used spray & wipe and easy to clean . We now have white subway tiles and hate them due to the white grout getting constantly dirty . But how ever I feel the tile would be more of a Hamptons style you might be going for.

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Can you possibly get a sample of the glass slash back so your husband can see if the look is right for your kitchen.

I went with a classic look & did the handmade tiles that look like pressed metal. I wanted to keep it classic looking. We have a glass splashback at work, water always gets splashed onto it and leaves watermarks.

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The kitchen where we rent has a mirror for a splash back, it is the easiest to clean and makes the room bigger.

Put in glass splash back and shaker doors kitchen on Google or Pintinterest and see what comes up.

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You will always be cleaning it. You can see smears when the light hits it at certain angles and I feel it’s dated. Hopefully someone can post a pic to the contrary. I’d do a light colour if you have to.

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I have the glass splashback- it does need to be cleaned however I’ll generally give it a quick clean after dinner. I like the look of it and once the fencing goes up I’m doing a herb wall for a nicer view.


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Love the look you are going for. Not a fan on glass. Agree with another comment. Is very common. IMO it has been around for a while already, sure to date quickly. Also, if cleaning white grout is ever a concern, keep "Hydrochloric Acid " in mind. Can find at Bunnings, also can ask them best ratios (water to HCL) if/ when you do decide. That stuff cleans grout and tile back to new.

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We put grey glass splashback in our granny flat. I didn't want mirror splashback as at 70+ I don't want to be seeing myself all the time! It's also a very light area so felt we didn't need mirrors, and we do get the sunsets reflected in the splashback anyway which is lovely.

My daughter has the mirror splashback and it can be very smeary and needs as much cleaning as tiles IMO.

My previous home I put the caeserstone as backsplash and I loved it. Keeps to that more traditional look, but easier to clean than grout.

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The grey glass splashback in my granny flat. I was going for a modern Hamptons look.


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I have glass splashback and it is so easy to clean and the plus is no grout to clean


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I have a stone splashback that matches my bench tops and it is way better than glass. It doesn't show the marks like glass did. I was always cleaning and polishing glass but this I just wipe over and we're done.

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I have had glass and mirror before, and both are a nightmare to keep clean. This time I have white subway and love them.


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