Why Google reviews are not showing up?

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Looking to see if someone could help me. Willing to pay for a fix.

I know for a fact multiple customers around 15 or so has left me reviews on google and no review has showed up. I look at my GMB profile and it still shows 0 reviews.

I don't know what is causing this, but I know it's not the reviews themselves.

Post by Brian »

They have been deleting a ton of legit reviews with their new review spam algorithm thing. Its been a really bad issue. almost as bad as Yelp's. We have had a ton of legitimate reviews deleted or not show up. We have been told to send a message to the Google Profile Support team if you are having issues with it, but I haven't seen that help much.

Post by Christopher »

If you are buying these reviews and the team has not updated their method from the Google update none will stick. More then ever device posting, IP location and a few other factors decide if a review sticks now.

Your real customers posting from real cell phones and personal regularly used gmails will stick Just fine if your gmb isn’t penalized

Post by John-Pierre »

Could it be they left the review for a different/wrong profile? Or did you send them a review link?

I had a few genuine reviews that were removed after about a year. I contacted support about it but all they could do is give a list of possible reasons. Somehow they can't give the exact reason nor can they reinstate it. But the person who left the review should still be able to see it, change it and resubmit it.

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We had the same conversation in a UK gutter cleaning group the other day. Loads of companies all said the same. No new customer reviews where showing on Google. I have had at least six customers leave a review over the past month and none show.

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There are several reasons why reviews may be removed from the page. In most cases, missing reviews were removed for policy violations like spam or inappropriate content.

If it is none of the above, they were genuine reviews, I can create a service on Legiit to help you out. Thanks
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