Did anybody else who purchased the beloved Kmart White Wooden Laundry Hamper?

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.. nearly have a mental breakdown trying to put it together?

I feel like I need a qualification in carpentry to even attempt to construct this.

They may as well have just given me a stump of wood and some white paint and told me to make it from scratch.


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no but i lost a chunk of my cuticle when it closed on my finger the other day.. so be careful :lol:

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Takes about 30min - I thought it was pretty simple to put together.

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It is harder when you are trying to do it on your own I think. My husband and I will usually do it together. I unpack the lot, then put each piece in a separate spot, screws, nuts etc in small plastic containers, then I read the instructions out and he puts it together. Usually works well for us, although there sometimes may or may not include harsh words 😂I wish you well. You can do it!

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OMG! If you don't make it as a flat pack maker, you'll be a great comedian... your post made me laugh! 😂 Hoping you made it happen and you didn't lose your sh&t in the process... 🙂

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