Just wondering if anyone has had an imported 2 pac kitchen from China installed please?

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Looking for feedback please.


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Don't do it. Materials don't meet Australian standards. And look after your small local business. Much better result if you do.

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I agree with others, don't risk it. I remember a few years back it was discovered there was lead in the paint on toy cars.

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And if there us a mistake with colours or sizing, you just can't send it back.

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I have looked at it a fair bit. I have also read the above comments, which I think a lot can be overcome by getting samples up front for a few hundred in air freight. If you take the time to research and use the right company, it can easily be done and save tons. I have to laugh about using locals.....we have local guys who import their cabinets and materials anyway! It is not an uncommon thing for overseas companies to be well aware of the types of materials we use, regulations etc. The world is a very small place now.

I think you need to consider your own comfort levels with an import type/non-local sourcing project. Are you comfortable/able to ask the right questions upfront in order to avoid disappointment or mis-communication? Are you comfortable and managing the installation project, because that is a key part of what you will not get.

Inevitably, there may be a minor issue not foreseen (happens with locals as well), and are you able to manage that? As far as colours, materials, quality......samples samples samples. Very easily overcome.

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