What paint is best: Wattyl, Dulux or Haymes?

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Hi everyone, I just need some advice on paint!


Post by Valerie »

British Paints inside, Dulux weather shield outside.

Post by Catherine »

Tubman’s endure always but we are allergy sufferers and this paint is the best in my opinion when you have allergy or asthma sufferers.

Post by Jill »

We used Haymes paints exterior and interior. Long lasting 20+ years ago. Now I understand technology has changed ie lead removed, Color’s have changed so now a Dulux fan. It’s inevitable paints not made to last, painted the front of our house 3 years ago not going to last previous painting.

Post by Junie »

Dulux or Taubmans where ever Bunnings carry, it's just easier if you need to buy touchup etc

Post by Lisa »

Dulux last for sure. But I prefer taubmans as I haven't used haymes or wattyl. But taubmans endure is so much better then dulux.

Post by Beth »

We have only ever used Taubmans Endure. Goes on easy and easy to clean.

Post by Amanda »

As a ballarat resident I’m duty bound to say haymes, but it is definitely a superior paint. It costs a bit more (maybe?) but it’s very good.

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My dad was a painter for many years. He mostly used Dulux wash and wear inside and weathershield outside . he used other brands/products if they were better for specific things.

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