Is it hard to get an integrated dishwasher installed in an existing kitchen (and have the exisiting panels match)?

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To give you a background:
I am building a home, and my builder quoted so much for a fully integrated dishwasher. The option they gave me is either this or I install it myself.

According to them, it costs more for them to do a second trip to the kitchen supplier to get the panel for the dishwasher.

I was wanting to shave some cost in the interim .. so wondering if I could just install a dishwasher post handover and then get a tradie to just find me a panel that matches my kitchen cupboard to install this? Is this feasible? Or does it have to be the same supplier?

I ask the supplier , but the moment they knew I was using their client (my builder) they didn’t want to really loose that client by giving me any cheaper option.

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Cabinet maker can sort it for you. Have the. Dishwasher there ready

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Get another quote for the kitchen. If they've added heaps to the quote and stated it is for that reason, they are taking you for a ride.

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Yes just give whoever is making the kitchen the specs for the integrated dishwasher that you choose and they’ll make a panel to fit. Ikea do good ones.

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