let's talk plastering! I absolutely hate this stuff, I scrape in on the wall and it just doesn't stick...

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I'm currently repainting our walls, sanding and filling but this stuff is driving me mad, when I asked bunnings they said this is the stuff to use.

Tips appreciate from some pro plasterers!

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Use the Gyprock brand. It’s pre-mixed, ready to use. You get a more professional finish.

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Get a packet of gyprock rapid patch powder. You mix up just what you need, and it sticks to everything.

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I use this all the time. Love it!
Tip..make sure what ever you’re filling is clear of dust. If it is still not sticking, use your fingers and press into wall. Try not over filling. Let it dry and apply more if needed, then sand when dried.

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Tools are important as well. I use a more flexible scraper.
Em ~

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I could have totally done the wrong thing but I recently used cornice cement, I had it from patching up detailed, decorative style cornice and I used it as the base coat and top coat to fill some cracks and holes on the walls and found it brilliant. I only needed to make up small batches.

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I find it pretty crap too. It dries too quickly and it’s really grainy. The gyprock brand is pretty good. It’s with the plastering boards ect not in the paint section.

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It could be that it's dried out, what's it look like in the tub? Add a few drops of water and mix through until the consistency is right.

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Just mix a bit of water in it, I find it a bit too dry to stick.

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I always use this on holes and indentations before I paint. Because I'm a woman I approach it like icing a cake, :lol:. Smooth it out with spatula,, then clean around hole with damp makeup sponge, let it dry,, sand and paint. I love this stuff.

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You asked Bunnings staff, lol that’s your first mistake,

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If not using finishing compound there’s an selleys filler that is really light. It’s like foam putty. It goes on easily and sands easily too. Spack fills though are for small dings and nails holes and the like. If bigger than go with the finishing compound.

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I find it a bit dry in the container so I add a few drops of water and mix till it's a consistency that works better for me. Even from dry you can moisten it back and get it working again.

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