Heat lamps and extractor fans. So they’re all ugly right?

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… If anyone knows of a not ugly one please let me know. Recommendations welcomed!!! Noise factor also under consideration.

Thank you

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I hate using the kitchen rangehood, can't hear a thing when it's on. When I reno I want a much quieter one, the quieter ones have the motor in the ceiling, that's why it's so much quieter. I can't remember the brand, German starting with S, :lol:

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You don't need a heat lamp. Very outdated. Much better to heat the bathroom with heated towel rails and underfloor heating mat. In really cold countries...Europe and Scandi ...nobody has those crappy energy-sucking monsters. Way too ugly and inefficient. A warm toasty bathroom can be energy efficient with the right installations.

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Hey! We’ve just installed Martec aspires only because we had to replace old ones and didn’t want to patch the roof. They look just OK, but I couldn’t find any better. You’re welcome to come and have a look.

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I have installed a Sahara 4 in 1. Armidale NSW so will get really cold in winter but as the bathroom has only just been finished it has not been put to the test. Looks great and the light is good. Is vented. We also have heated towel rail but I didn’t see the point in underfloor heating as it takes too long to heat up the room and you are out of there by the time it does. I have used it in other areas of the house though.

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I have the same issue with split system air con units. Ugly bulky things! Not enough ceiling space for ducted, apparently. Casettes work out hideously expensive. In the US you can get splits that are square and act as a picture frame. Not in Oz!

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