Just a query when you do VJ panel up the whole wall do you use individual boards or a panel?

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We look forward to further cooperation, guys.

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Panels.. But in granny flat under house we did individual ones as they are weather proof for the damp and worked out cheaper than the panels.

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I used a panel only because I couldn’t get the smaller boards for a cost-efficient price or get them cut the size I wanted. But I would not advise it if you have a good alternative for individual boards. A panel was a lot of work to get into place and I needed someone to help me. It wasn’t something I could easily do on my own.

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VJ= vertical joint. It can be either panels or T&G boards. The panels are easier unless you have very high ceilings as you don’t want to have a join in them.

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VJ is the panel as said above but if your walls are taller than a panel you probably should use shiplap boards so you don’t have seams/joins.

They are a little more work because you may need more noggins to support. We’ve used.

Shiplap on ceilings and love the look.

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