Last nights weather forecast for south central Kansas was not pretty

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.. Wind chills of -24 degrees for Thursday night was forecast by one station.

Another weatherman said he was refusing to talk about how bad the windchills will be for Thursday.

If you have ever lived in Kansas you know our open plains let's that wind cut through you like a knife.

So the debate, haul all the plants in the house or hope the heater can keep up in the greenhouse.

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These cold temperatures will also arrive here in Ohio on Thursday through the Christmas weekend. I will add some towels to the door to try to limit the cold air coming in though the cracks. I'm also hoping the heater can keep up and I'll bring some plants in the house for warmth. Hoping for the best outcome.

Good luck everyone and stay warm.

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Since I’m a commercial Microgreen grower, I moved all my Microgreens inside last Weds. We hit 18 with a single digit windchill early this morning. I have a good heater & a pretty sealed up greenhouse but can’t adequately hold my minimum of 50 degrees in this weather. We live in Shawnee, KS zone 6b & we will be hitting -11 temps late Thursday & early Friday morning. And.. the Farmers Almanac is calling for a Frigid January.

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Wind chill doesn't affect plants.

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That’s a no brainer…move to Florida and visit Kansas!!

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Our temps aren’t that low, but we are dealing with a forecast in the teens. Doesn’t happen very often in the Atlanta area. I know I don’t have enough insulation. Fingers crossed that my heaters can keep it at fifty at least. My greenhouse is for tropical plants and one rogue tomato that I found in a crack.
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