A dear friend gave me this beautiful Christmas Cactus. Zygo Cactus/Mylar. Any recommendations for care for a long life?

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I am grateful to you..


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Ok, so I bought one after Thanksgiving and googled it for care. It informed me that the one I bought was a Thanksgiving cactus because of the shape of the leaves. There’s actually a Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter cactus?! Who knew?

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My grandmother's is 35. She just waters once a month and keeps it in a sunny window.

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Mine lives on my bathroom counter - sunny but not direct sun. its been happy for year. I water it about once a week. I blooms every Thanksgiving-Christmas.

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I have one that spends its summers on a shady spot on my patio and grows like a weed. I put it in the greenhouse for the winter and it immediately begins blooming like crazy.

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Clay pot..
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