I just received a 6x8 green house for my birthday

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.. I am so excited as for the last few years I have been using the pop up version from Amazon.

What is everyone using for shelving? Do you buy , build or use a folding table or two?

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I have seen 55-gallon drums filled with water, for heat retention, covered with used countertops. In our area habitat for humanity has a store called ReStore for the countertops. I found a supplement manufacturing company as a source for the used barrels. Plastic coated wood sheets are also available at home improvement stores. Good luck! I love my greenhouse.

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Congratulations and happy birthday, l just finished building my first greenhouse it’s a 6x4 as l’m new to gardening . I have watched a few YouTube videos on greenhouse staging and decorating . I purchased a few shelves and potting bench from Amazon.

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Menards and harbor feight both offer snap together shelving that is sturdy and 3 levels. It works great in my daughters greenhouse and comes in 3' or 4' lengths.

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We went simple at first in our 6x8 - I used heavy duty plastic shelves the kind that have holes - they are durable and good for drainage. I separated into 2 two layer shelves.

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We built a wood frame foundation for ours to really anchor it and built 2 shelves front to back each side with metal closet pieces to lay on top of frames so that water can drain to the pebble stone floor. I had a small baker's rack which fits nicely on the back wall (I keep all of my garden growing items on. I really like the idea of planters boxes... I might have to try that.

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We built large planting boxes down long side. Bought metal shelves from greenhouse site but I'm having my hubby build more wooden shelves on north side wall. Good luck and send lots of pictures.

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