I'm planning a greenhouse build for the spring

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I have been watching for any materials I can get second hand or on sale. The build will be in zone 6a. We get snow and months of cold weather. The greenhouse will be 8 x 6 (maybe 7) and its going between a fence and a shed, not ideal but it's the only spot we have.

I plan on building it 4 feet higher (at the talent part) than the fence and shed to capture sun, most walls will be solid and insulated up to the 5 foot mark we are doing a lean to styke roof.

I have a lead on 3 19 inch wide by 6 foot tall windows. I'm wondering if they would be suitable for roofing material. They won't cover the entire length of the roof but a large portion of it.

I just wasn't sure if they would be durable enough or if I should stick to polycarbonate panels on the roof?

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You will need a passive thermal vent.

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Gather mobile home windows.
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