Our propane heater has a fan, but it uses way too much power for me to run it through the night

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So, we have 3 computer tower fans that do a good job moving our warm air. Today though, John built a trap to catch the warm air and he installed the fans in the trap to better circulate the heat. It ROCKS! The draw on the power source is so low that with all 3 fans running, the usage display flickers between 0 & 3 watts.

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I use a box fan at the top like a ceiling fan to keep the heat circulated. But my greenhouse is over 15 ft high. I have the same propane heater though. I converted it to an igniter to use less gas. A pilot light uses around 4.75 gal per month. I don't use that much to heat the greenhouse. I did build a very effient passive greenhouse for that very reason.

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Very creative! I use a Dewalt variable speed jobsite fan set on a very low speed in my 8x10 greenhouse, pointed in the direction of the heater, so it distributes the heat overhight. I have always assumed its energy draw was minimal compared to everything else. When it gets too warm in the spring I can redirect it towards the roof vents to help push warm arir out.
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