I’m looking to purchase my first greenhouse for seed starting

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Recommendations for best companies to buy from please!

South Carolina Zone 8b.

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I love my Sunglo Greenhouse. I do year round gardening. It has double thick walls and doesn’t budge in 70 mph winds!

They ship all over and great customer service.


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I have a Palram Snap n Grow, it was $600 at Menards 10 yrs ago, still holding up very well, great starter 6 x 8, has clear plastic it's just dew on windows in photo


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Build your own greenhouse Make sure it has the best insulation factor possible.

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I have two Growers solution greenhouses. Love the greenhouses and the people that work there are great to work with.

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I got a Yardistry from Costco. It is fabulous and the easiest kit to put together! My only recommendation would be GO BIGGER than you think you need!

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I have a Grow More and love it. You can buy additional sections to make long as needed.

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When you buy a steel tubes strong carport to convert it into a greenhouse it only cost $100 and $120 for the UV stable greenhouse plastic. Labor not included. And extra woods 2x4s to make it wind proof not included.

10x20’ is still too small: but putting 3 next to each other is possible 20x30’


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I’ve seen a couple of Harbor Freight recommendations. My neighbor just bought one from Harbor freight and is not at all happy with it. He is having to do many modifications to make it work. He highly advised against the Harbor Freight GH.

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We ordered a Dersken Cabana and removed the rails and closed it in ourselves and installed a storm door.

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