I am interested in help from people with the Mr. Buddy or similar propane heaters

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I have an 8x16 uninsulated greenhouse. I do have a small electric heater, but it does not do the job when temps get in the twenties. I was thinking of adding a small propane heater for the few days we have that are very cold. Please share experience.

I am zone 7b and have tropicals in my greenhouse.

It will eventually be completed and insulated, but we had a freak cold snap with twenty degree temps two weeks before our first projected frost date so everything got tossed in there.

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Hope you get the help you need. We are in middle Tennessee and supposed to get down to 9 Thursday and Friday, high of 15.

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Hi, I have an oil radiating heater from Lowes, Utilitech brand. I am in 7a and have been down to 19 degrees. So far this keeps it at above 60 and is self regulating. My gh is only 6X8 but my lemons and geraniums are very happy!

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I’m zone 7b and have an electric heater. I also have a buddy heater with hose attachment for a 20lb propane bottle. I use it on cold nights, and it works for me. I typically use it less than 8-10 nights a year. We have single digits coming so I have three bottle ready. It will use the propane but better than losing all my plants.

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Im using a Mr. heater blue flame currently. It works fantastic in my 8x12 space set between 1 &2, so could easily keep a larger space heated. I bought a larger propane tank and have a small backup as a just in case. I go thru about 8 gallons per week here in Oregon when it’s just below freezing.

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They make an adapter so you can use a 20gallon propane tank.

Have them a tractor supply last I looked Should work great

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We are using a dual burner Mr. Heater. Our greenhouse has lots of upper space and a large pond, however, so our situation is probably a bit different than regular greenhouses. We aim the heater at our pond to help warm the water and we leave out large fan on all night (aimed up toward the ceiling) to help move around the warm air as it rises. Our dome is 42’ across and the ceiling is 18.5’ high but we kept it up around 48 degrees farenheit last night when the outside temp was 4. The pond helps with that, however.

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I have one. It will go through a tremendous amount of propane canisters. Unless you have an adapter for a bigger tank you will be changing canisters every hour or two.
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