How is everyone preparing for the incredible artic blast that is hitting the states next week before Christmas?

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I am in Kansas and they are forecasting -10 to -20 degrees wind chills. I have the Bio Palma greenhouse heater but I feel like I might need to supplement with our little Mr. Buddy propane heater.

The greenhouse is already wrapped with a clear tarp and the north side inside is insulated. I have tropicals in my greenhouse.

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I have a 12 x 20 with 2 Palma heaters, and they have held it at a steady 60 degrees on the nights we’ve had so for this year in the 20’s. The big test will be when we have below freezing temps all day without any sun.. Next week.

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Kansas weather is always brutal, glad I don’t live there anymore.

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We live in Kansas too. We are burning wood in our hoop house with supplemental heat from a wall mount electric garage heater. Not looking forward to stocking wood every few hours.

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Yes, I purchased an extra oil filled electric heater just in case and have everything rapped tight. Good luck!

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I recommend test running with your Little Buddy. Mine kept cutting off part way through the night. You might need a couple nights to work out potential kinks.
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