Is this style still valid for a 26 year old woman who is an artist?

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Wardrobe question: I picture my female MC in a style that I would call "Bohemian Chic". This is probably because I grew up with a crush on Stevie Nicks.

Is this style still valid for a 26 year old woman who is an artist?

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Absolutely it is. And you’ve got a huge amount of pictures of Stevie to refer too. Perfect

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Yes. We can wear anything we want to now

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I too love Stevie since the Rumors LP came out. Also, think Annie Hall (Diane Keaton was about 26 in that film). Yes, it works

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A true artist will wear what she wants. I think mostly the clothes appropriate for messy work, jeans/tee - and off hours, I don't know. I think you are in for some field research... find out where young artists are teaching or showing, or colleges.

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Show me a serious artist who’s worried about en vogue clothing style and I’ll show you an artist who’s a slave to their environmental surroundings.

I’d use an artist who’s clothing style is out of vogue to help describe her better in my writing. You have a huge opportunity with your MC here!!!

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