How warm does your greenhouse stay? Would my pepper plants be able to survive?

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I don't have a greenhouse, but want one next year. I'm curious, when it gets down to the 20s at night.

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I've gotten this far with a small electric heater here in MN. The forecast is calling for subzero temps and even my heater won't be able to counter that. I could insulate but I don't think the cost to continue heating is worth it.

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I can barely afford to heat my house, let alone a green house.

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I have a Harbor Freight 10x12 and use a small electric oil heater. With good daytime heating and minimal opening, I can keep mine at least 10-15 degrees above the outside temp. That’s been good enough for container peppers and tomatoes.

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You have to have heat to stay warmer then outside. I’m in Michigan and keep mine around 50 degrees at night.

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Unless the greenhouse is heated it won't be more than a couple degrees warmer than the outside temperature.

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I'm in Ohio and when it is in the 20s outside, without running heat; it's 18 to 20 inside.
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