At what point do I remove the heat mat?

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I am using heat mats for the first time and am currently starting broccoli seeds. They are sprouting nicely.

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Thanks for the question, I am new and was also wondering!

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If they are leggy, bend the stem and bury it so it is a better height.

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Broccoli doesn't need much heat to germinate. Cool is better.

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I leave all of mine on the mats until the first set of true leaves appear and are a decent size. To avoid leggy lower your lights to be just above the plants (4-6”) so they are not “reaching”.

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Your heat mat should just be used to help germinate the seeds. Once you see growth you can take the seeds off of the heat mat. If you leave your ceilings on the heat map they will get leggy. I've never had good luck trying to recover leggy plants.

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I remove from heat as soon as I see germination. Otherwise things get leggy.
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