While my greenhouse is in the works, I'm dreaming up ways of making it beautiful inside

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My husband thinks I'll turn it into a she shed :lol: but I'd like to find a way for it to be both decorative and functional.

I'm thinking bistro table and maybe repurposed furniture for shelving that kind of thing.

I'd love to see your pictures if you've done the same.

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I've started collecting colored glass to decorate mine. We just finished it this fall (still lots of details to be completed, but its functional), so it's not very full yet.


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I’m still in the wishing stage for a greenhouse but I think your ideas sound wonderful.

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We're in Chicagoland and we move our patio furniture into the greenhouse in the winter and it's divine. Perfect place for lunch or cocktails when it's not being used to pot up plants. I'll start seeds in January and it will be filled with more and more plants as we move into spring. Eventually the patio furniture will go back out to the patio and it'll be filled with plants before they get moved into the garden. Thank goodness for heaters


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I drank a glass of wine in mine the other day to get some peace and quiet from my boys ages 6, 8 and 39.

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Me too!
I see a bright teal chandelier in my future.
I happen to have one that was taken out of the house.

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You might also try the Greenhouse, Glasshouse, and Conservatory Interiors group. It’s a small group but has some pretty ideas.

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My 8x12 has raised beds along each side. I grow tomatoes and cucumbers in there during the summer. I built a little cabinet that is installed over the willow chair on the back wall. It's too cold to be practical to grow all winter, but I love to go out there on sunny winter days to soak up the sun.


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The vibe is so important! I've been collecting antique architectural elements (brackets, sconces, pedestals) and combining with old barnwood and driftwood shelving… my winter project.
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