I have an outdoor wood furnace which I'd like to heat my greenhouse with

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What's everyone's opinion, should I use a hanging heater with a fan behind it or putting it in the floor (radiant heat). Project starts next spring.


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In ground and fire up long before, heating season, in Japan they never turn thier boiler off, plants are close to ground so better to heat ground then air, I would install insulation, 2-3 feet down to limit sink Down, can run more than one loop to. One in ground, other to old radiator, with fan. Pushing through, get best of both.. can even get temp control to activate. Cylinoid to close loope to radiator, when temps are up..

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We heat our home and all our hot water with a wood burning outdoor furnace. If you put it on a thermostat, you'd be in great shape!

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We did that. My gh is 10x24 and a 50k btu hydronic heat exchanger at one end and a fan blowing down at the other. Doing great so far.

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Dig a pit/trench and run stove pipe under stone floor on an upward angle. Radiant heat is fantastic.

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Both but definitely in the floor mine is underneath my benches and through an old car radiator.

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How big is the greenhouse? Have enough room for a galvanized pool? I’m thinking soil prep spring and summer. Hot tub fall and winter.
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