Whats better kerosene or propane heater for a high tunnel greenhouse?

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16 wide x 40ong x 10 ft tall some air holes.


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How cool is it that we get all this informed information for free in our little club.

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I used kerosene a long time ago before I knew better. I believe the fumes damaged all the plants. ALL blossoms fell off. Propane is far better and cleaner.

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Oh lawd. Don't spend any time in that greenhouse until you open it up during the day to vent off the carbon dioxide.

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Most kerosene emit fine particulates, carbon monoxide, nitric oxides (NOx), and sulfur dioxide when burned. Sulfur dioxide can burn plants. Make white spots on perfectly green leaves and kill them. Venting properly can prevent that or if used in a high tunnel house instead of a small petite house. Small greenhouses should use propane instead of kerosene. To each thier own. I've made that mistake. Wood or propane only for me. Good luck.

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Both are good options and both produce CO2.

Nationally propane runs about $.50 more than kerosene per gallon, local marks will vary.

Kerosene produces 135,000 BTU per gallon and propane produces 91,600 BTU per gallon. A 5 gallon tank of kerosene will last longer than a tank of propane of they are set to the same output.

Propane burns cleaner and has a smaller carbon footprint than kerosene and propane is generally easier to find.

Depending on the size of your greenhouse and heater the convenience of propane is normally a more common type of heat than kerosene.

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I didn't care for the kerosene because of the smell.
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