I would really like to get a decent green house but also possibly a grow tunnel

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So I’m inheriting the 5 acres I grew up on. Up until a few years ago there was a 8x12 greenhouse there. In the last few years you can really see how downhill everything has gone.

I would really like to get a decent green house but also possibly a grow tunnel.

Thought on both are appreciated. Northern Il zone 5.


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Absolutely dig down into the earth. Underground can maintain 55 degrees F as long as it’s covered and has a cold sink. Great thinking. You got this.

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If you can tap into geothermal, do it.

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Go on Facebook marketplace. I got a 20x100 for like $500. It took some looking, but they are out there. (I had to take it down)

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I know someone in Kentucky who got a grant or something to get a high tunnel on the 'farm'. They might have the same sort of programs in Illinois. Check with an extension agent.

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My son and I created a hoop house from old trampoline frames. There are always several "free" after a weather occurrence. They work great not to mention the opportunity to re-purpose something that may otherwise go to the landfill.

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I am in Chicago (zone 6) and my next greenhouse is going to be attached to my garage or my house. Trying to heat a standalone greenhouse in this climate is hard.

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You are so blessed. My family home was sold out from under us by my stepmom. Enjoy your new adventure.
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