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For whatever reasons you may have, it may be helpful to know that Facebook has a 'Hide all from this person' option. Available on the actions menu in the corner of their post.

Should someone's behaviour or attitude be upsetting or annoying to you, but to engage with them and explain this would be difficult without yourself being rude, this choice is there.

Hopefully some of you may find this as helpful as I have.

Enjoy your day 🙂

Post by Bryn »

Or you find their Facebook profile and block them

Post by Aria »

I snooze them for 30 days. They normally get tired of their own posts by then

Post by Jonas »

I do this to people posting poems or "thoughts" 😉. I refuse to be their audience.

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That option doesn't seem to be available on Android in the UK. Block comes in very handy though

Post by Savannah »

I use it daily, mostly for political stuff that fills my newsfeed. very handy.

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