National park guides participate in the slaughter of fish and animal abuse during a tour

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Dear all, On San Cristobal, one of the main islands of the Galapagos archipelago, we did the 360 tour.

This is a popular tour that was recently introduced.

During the tour, the guides and skippers also fish. Fish are caught and they let them flounder on the boat until they die. It is a true slaughter. The blood of the fish splattered around.

While we are in a national park to look at flora and fauna. The guides wear national park clothing. It amazes us that national park guides participate in the slaughter of fish and animal abuse during a tour.

Post by Karly »

I live in Jasper National Park Canada, and we fish here too! You buy a license to do it, there is a daily catch limit, and no threatened species may be kept.

Post by Nicholas »

Here we go. A tourist crying about South Americans who in the very least has flora and fauna left. Save the woke crap to our own countries that cannot even coexist with badgers.

Post by Wendy »

Dude are you vegan? You don’t wear or use ANY animal products? Do you only eat vegetables? Now I agree that I don’t like the fish floundering around and if I were there I would have asked the guides to please kill them immediately or allow me to. Or every time they threw a fish in to flounder and die you could have just kept throwing them back in as a catch and release 😂.

Though as it’s inside a protected park why are they allowed to catch anything? But then again, not my country, not my rules.

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I done the 360 tour and they did this… we ate the fish for lunch. It was fresh fish and it was great.

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To all the smart asses commenting, the Galapagos are a protected area. You have to remain a certain distance from the animals and park rangers enforce that. So fishing is also likely prohibited within the confines of the protected area. Why not shoot the tortoises while you're at it, because "circle of life".

Post by Bryan »

You never went sport fishing right?…
If you don’t bleed the fish it corrupts the meat.
All the Tunas you’ve eaten in your life was bled.

Post by Codey »

It's called fishing lmao. Let them eat ! Maybe consider a different place if you don't like what you see.

Post by Robbie »

How else do you expect them to catch fish to eat…? Just because they work for national park doesn’t mean they shouldn’t or won’t eat fish/meat.

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Stop and consider that maybe they do not have the luxury to concern themselves with matters beyond the day to day struggle to survive and that different cultures have different ways of defining a ,,slaughter of fish".
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