Arvi Park [Medellin, Colombia].. We got mugged at gunpoint within the forest

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I just wanted to post a warning saying if you go to Arvi Park in Medellin, Colombia ensure you get a guide and don’t just follow the trails.

We were told it was fine and got mugged at gunpoint within the forest so take care.

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Regardless of what happened it's not your fault. Good to hear you're safe and well.

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I am glad you are ok!
Yes never without a guide and a full group of humans in parks or forest anywhere in SA and many other places in the world. Sometimes is annoying to join groups but always worth it! Especially for solo travellers... Don't try your luck!

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So sorry to hear that. I carry a 9mm Arma Traumstica, rubber bullet gun that looks real and in my waist band. The RATAS, thieves see it a mile away. Best advice for others is to go on a weekend and with a local guide from the park. Sad, but the insecurity in greater Medellin is getting bad. Lived here for three years and never owned a gun in the states. Be careful here, guys.

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I am in Medellín if you guys need any assistance let me know.

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I hope your ok? That must have really shook you up.
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